Carol's four questions:

What do you think your major 2-3 goals are for your site, around the core standards work?
Timeline and a working plan – nature of work, and by when?
List of things you could share with the network – ideas, workshops, etc.
What you might need from other sources, including the state network, to make this happen

Seven Valleys Writing Project: (Danielle and Jacqueline)
1) Goals: Plan a conference in the fall, grad class, Saturday Seminars around CCS, Admin breakfast, updating our website, cheat sheet for standards, talking points, compiling data to prove our case, creating PR materials
2) July 11-22, 2011 (ALI), then Admin Breakfast- August/September, Conference in September?, Schedule the monthly Saturday Seminars and we will finalize timelines during ALI.
3) Share cheat sheet, PR materials, share our conference and open that up to all sites, admin breakfast plan, data.
4) Need: to incorporate CDWP, HVWP networking, incorporate ESWPN talking points for dual audiences, retool talking points from this weekend, data from Bob, and data from NWP, curriculum for Saturday Seminars, getting other TC’s to present at our conference, use the October presenters at our conference in September.
5) Our questions: What are people doing this summer? How can we continue to collaborate and draw on each other’s strengths?

NYCWP, Long Island Writing Project, Genesse Valley Writing Project (Annie, Nicole, Alaina, Charlene, Vicky)

1) What are two-three goals for your site around the core standards work?

  • Bring membership together with the TCs to become familiar with the Common Core Standards (mini-version of what we did this weekend).
  • Create a one-day workshop for schools on how to handle CCS and what you do fulfills it, how TCs would be helpful in your school to implement this.
  • Creation of inquiry group including members from various subjects, meet regularly to unpack CCS, bring samples of teacher and student work across disciplines
  • Current TCs provide directed help for teachers on how to fulfill and go beyond the CCS
  • Possibility of connecting LI and NYCWP

2) Timeline and working plan

Weekend in September -- Invitation to all site members and call to action
Election day -- One-day workshop in schools (taught by TCs, WP member volunteers)
Inquiry group -- starts after September, possibly one day per month

Mohawk Valley Writing Project
  • MVWP has 15 hour program around CCSS. Introduction to the CCSS. Meet the Standards. Been piloted once. Scheduled again.

  • Develop follow-up designs.

  • Have created a Standards Initiative group. Met twice. Meet again to discuss how to further develop offerings related to the CCSS regionally.
Meeting w/ Standards Initiative Team Leaders—July 15th, 10am-noon.
Goals: Share June ESWPN SLI re: CCSS.
Do a Site Assessment for TC capacity. (Who? Knowledge Base?)

  • Start with TC’s? In August.
  • Two audiences:
TC’s- session similar to Renssville?
General educators.

  • Get a program advertised.

CDWP Capital District Writing Project Laura Yerou, Amy Salamone, Carol Forman-Pemberton

Major Goals and Timeline:

1. Create workshops(professional development opportunities)-both in a series and one day -for teachers and administrators to explore the CCS using specific protocols and student work. Build our resource list out of the skilled and expert members of our site. Begin the discussion of this at our summer leadership meeting on July 25. (Writing must take the lead in all of our work.)

2. Continue to think about ways to fundraise-perhaps do some grant writing.

3. Continue to recruit teachers to join us at CDWP.

4. Invite leaders (political and otherwise) to some of our meetings (like the SI).

5. Think about public relations-creating relationships with school districts-writing a talking points list.

We might need help with a talking points list. What are other sites using? creating?? This might be helpful to share.